Cursed and Other Stories


In Cursed and Other Stories, readers will encounter the pain, the love, and the hope that reside in every Filipino… all these people all over the globe who are making lives easier for strangers in other countries, for all the people who wear their country with simultaneous pride and shame. Because while they might wish to leave their home to seek greener pastures for those they love, they will never be able to quit it completely. Such desperation may be recognizable to many readers, however if it isn’t, they will come away with a better understanding of it, at least vis-a-vis this archipelago that has more in common with the West than is evident on the surface.

A review of ‘Cursed and Other Stories’: Diaspora on a bed of romance and the erotic

Riverrun, A Novel


Riverrun is a rite-of-passage novel on the life of Danilo Cruz, a young gay man who grows up in a colourful and chaotic military dictatorship in the Philippines. Shaped like a memoir, it glides from childhood to young adulthood in chapters written like flash fiction and vignettes, along with a recipe for shark meat, a feature article, extracts from a poem and vivid songs. It can be classified as literary fiction, that is nevertheless accessible to the general reader.

Author of Cursed and Other Stories shares her review of Prof. Danton Remoto’s book, Riverrun, A Novel.


Review: Riverrun Tells the Story of a Poor Filipino Boy Growing Up in Chaos

Fall Baby


The truth of her own origins, as well as the deep, dark secret that enveloped the lives of her parents will change her world. Srikandi—who prefers to be called by her nickname, Siri—is a globe trotting conceptual artist. She is shy, a little introverted and inquisitive. She is also worldly, intelligent, free-spirited and the loneliest woman on the planet. Siri’s personal life, however, defies even her own imagination. Married young but now a widow with an adopted daughter, Siri is forced to confront her beliefs and understanding of family, self, and the world. Will she be able to reconcile with the violence in her parent’s past to move forward in the changing world?

The Rosales House


The Rosales House is a contemporary novel about Claire Rosales, a twenty-eight
year old advertising executive in Singapore, who hails from a powerful political
clan in the Philippines. Claire’s orderly life in Singapore is disrupted by the death
of her influential grandmother Gloria Rosales. With Gloria’s demise, Claire loses
her constant support and her strongest pillar especially after her broken wedding
engagement. Moreover, the Rosales estate is now divided and the clan will have to
rely more on Claire’s uncle, Ric, a congressman, for their public face. Claire knows
only too well, though, that Ric is not the charismatic family man he pretends to


The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human


True stories. Soul-baring moments. No apologies.

Two schoolgirls in Yemen skip class, and wander into a yellow circus tent, empty except for one rusty cage. A Jordanian man spends a maddening summer in his sweaty apartment cursing his loud, ignorant neighbours. A woman in Beirut is heartsick, waiting for her kidnapped parrot to return. A young Bangladeshi-American argues with her father about her choice of boyfriend. A lady discovers the secret about the Pakistani neighbour who had stolen her birthday gifts. And an Iraqi soldier pines for an American journalist obsessed with someone else.

This ambitious collection is a four-year quest to find diverse stories from many Muslim worlds that build bridges between each of us, through intimate, and incredibly human experiences of love, loss, laughter and everything in between.

The Sea Speaks His Name


In the twilight hours of a day in March, Biru Laut was ambushed by four unknown
men. Together with his friends, Daniel, Sunu and Alex, he was taken to an unknown
location. For months they were held captive, interrogated, beaten and tortured into
answering one sole question: who stood behind the rebellious student movements
at that time?
Biru Laut’s younger sister, who, along with other family members of kidnapped
student activists, struggled to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to find
answers to their never-ending questions.
While her parents appear to be in denial and remain hopeful that Biru Laut will
one day come back to sit at the family table again, Asmara Jati engages alongside
the Missing Persons Commission Team led by Aswin Pradana in order to strive to
find traces of those who went missing and to record the testimonies of those who
Biru Laut’s stirring story and that of his friends, is the story of the desaparecidos of
Indonesia. It is the story of a momentous – and still seldom written about – period
of Indonesian history which led to the end of dictatorship in Indonesia.