The Golden Realm

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Pula has now metamorphosed into a formidable fighter.
He is just like his father, Sikat, the aging Datuk who holds a massive realm on the northernmost tip of Borneo. It is during a time when the early datuks rule the Southeast Asian region, sometime in 400 AD.
But an incident erupts-the neighbours, D’yak people who have gory practices of headhunting, try to stir trouble in the realm. In response, Datuk Sikat sends his highest officer to infiltrate the den of Jooba and obliterate their kind, a savage and vicious threat.
And as the kadatuan reels on a major war with the headhunters, Tali his eldest, has a sinister plan. He longs for the throne of his father, but his half-brother, Pula, stands in his way. Who will succeed to be the next datuk of the realm?
Th e story continues with the amazing encounters of Pula of the diverse tribes of Borneo and the Philippines, leading to his discovery of the Golden Realm.

About the author

Vincent G. Marasigan lives in Davao City, Philippines, and works as an editor at the City Government of Davao. He has had short stories published in various journals within and outside the Philippines. The Golden Realm is his first novel.



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