The Rosales House

The Rosales House is a contemporary novel about Claire Rosales, a twenty-eight
year old advertising executive in Singapore, who hails from a powerful political
clan in the Philippines. Claire’s orderly life in Singapore is disrupted by the death
of her influential grandmother Gloria Rosales. With Gloria’s demise, Claire loses
her constant support and her strongest pillar especially after her broken wedding
engagement. Moreover, the Rosales estate is now divided and the clan will have to
rely more on Claire’s uncle, Ric, a congressman, for their public face. Claire knows
only too well, though, that Ric is not the charismatic family man he pretends to


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About the Author

Migs Bravo-Dutt is a writer and researcher whose work has been published in several countries, regions, and cultures. Her short fiction has appeared in 22 New Asian Short Stories 2016 and The Best Asian Short Stories 2018. She has co-edited Get Lucky: An Anthology of Philippine and Singapore Writings, a Singapore Writers Festival bestseller in 2015. She has also contributed poetry to various anthologies and journals in Singapore, Asia, Croatia, and the USA, and written for Royal Bhutan Druk Air’s Tashi Delek and other travel guides and newsletters.

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Watch Mignon Bravo Dutt as she shares what inspired her to write her novel, The Rosales House.





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