think! Mathematics (CIE) Primary Workbook 1A

Think! Mathematics is a series of textbooks and workbooks adapted from the New Syllabus Primary Mathematics series that has been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore. Written in accordance with extensively-researched approaches used in Singapore, it adopts a spiral design with the integration of the concrete-pictorial-abstract (C-P-A) approach, careful variation and the use of problem solving, which are integral features of the learning process.
Based on time-tested learning theories, this series incorporates the use of concrete manipulatives and group work. With a three-part lesson format (Anchor Task, Guided Practice and Independent Practice), lessons are designed to be bite-sized for effective learning.

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think! Mathematics Grade 1A workbook is written in accordance with extensively-researched approaches used in Singapore. Also, It is used to test students’ competencies and mastery of concepts. think! Mathematics Grade 1A workbook is used in the first semester of the school year, in tandem with think! Mathematics Grade 1A Textbook.


Grade 1A Textbook and Workbook delivers content on the following lessons:

    1. Numbers to 10
    2. Number Bonds
    3. Addition Within 10
    4. Subtraction Within 10
    5. Numbers to 20
    6. Addition and Subtraction Within 20
    7. Two-Dimensional Shapes
    8. Three-Dimensional Shapes
    9. Position and movement


Key Features in the Grade 1A Workbook are:

  1. Worksheet
  2. Mind Workout
  3. Maths Journal Review and Revision


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