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Riverrun, A Novel deals with the coming-of-age of Danilo Cruz, a young gay man, in a chaotic and colorful dictatorship. Shaped like a memoir, it glides from provincial barrio to cosmopolitan London in the form of flash fiction, vignettes, a recipe for shark meat; poems, songs, and vivid songs. It marks the global debut of ‘one of Asia’s best writers.

Here are 2 recent book reviews about Riverrun, A Novel.  One is by Yang Ming, his book review is published in the Ink Pantry.

Books From The Pantry: Riverrun by Danton Remoto

Written by Yang Ming


Likewise, a review by a fellow Penguin Random House author, Ms. Noelle Q. De Jesus was published through Esquire Philippines on September 22, 2020.  Add Noelle’s book, Cursed on Other Stories to your must-read novel

Review: Riverrun Tells the Story of a Poor Filipino Boy Growing Up in Chaos

Written by Noelle Q. De Jesus


In this CNN interview, Professor Danton Remoto talks about getting published internationally and why writers often work another job.

How Danton Remoto’s novel ‘Riverrun’ found a global platform


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