Tales of Enchantment (Pop! Lit For Kids)
Join us on an enchanting journey to the Philippines! In this book, you will meet magical characters through whom you will find out more about the different places and cultures of the Philippines. From star maidens to giants, to tricksters...
The Healers: A Novel
Set in the Philippine island of Cebu and spanning a wide expanse of the country’s history, Healers is the first book in a three-novel series that follows the lives of Luis, Armand and Victoria, three immortal children with supernatural skills...
A Mother’s Burden
A mentally-disabled boy is found dead in a small town. All signs point to his mother, a poor and ailing widow, as the one who caused his death.But as Liu Yong, the lowly attendant of the magistrate, delves deeper, he...
Mist-bound How to Glue Back Grandpa
Winner of the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2022Winner of the Best Young Persons Title at the Singapore Book Awards 2022 Finalist for the 2022 Singapore Book Award for "Book of the Year"Voted Top Ten Readers Choice at the 2022...
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