There are No Falling Stars in China
In this collection of poignant and uplifting essays, seasoned international journalist Marga Ortigas shares what she’s learned from over two decades of covering conflict, humanitarian crises, and political turmoil. Each chapter explores a different assignment location, taking you up-close as...
Pro-poor Development Policies: Lessons from the Philippines and East Asia
“This collection of essays provides a wealth of information and analysis about the Philippine economy and the role of agriculture and economic policy in it. The Philippine experience has been quite different from the highly successful Asian economies, with a...
Wais na Misis
₱860.00 ₱795.00
Wais na Misis
Neri Miranda is a household name in the Philippines, known for her entrepreneuiral success, with numerous business under her belt, while juggling her responsibilities as a mother. It is an entertaining read that draws readers in to many aspects of...
₱860.00 ₱795.00
ASEAN Centrality: An Autoethnographic Account by a Philippine Diplomat
"ASEAN Centrality: An Autoethnographic Account by a Philippine Diplomat guides us to a deeper understanding of the concept of ASEAN Centrality, through the eyes of one of the Philippines’ most reputable diplomats. Outlining both a personal recollection of her extensive...
The Asian Maverick
Chris Lee had a cushy role. For a decade, he led the Asia Pacific division of Medtronic, a multibillion dollar business and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices, and consistently produced excellent business outcomes. Then, at fifty-six,...
How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays
How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays is a coming-of-age story of a woman who leaves home to work in Shanghai following the death of her mother. In a collection of ten travel essays, she writes about...
Assembling Alice
Before and after the Battle of Manila, a Japanese spy and an American soldier have one thing in common: they both fall in love with Alice Feria, a pianist who would later become one of the first women journalists in...
The First Decade My Journey from Blogger to Entrepreneur
At the age of thirty-four, I’ve built a nine-figure fashion company, garnered 1.8 million followers on Instagram and managed to squeeze in time to get married and give birth to not one, but four children. And it all started from...
The Art and Science of the Pitch
Serial entrepreneur and The Final Pitch creator and host John Aguilar shares valuable lessons, tips and techniques he picked up from years of producing and hosting the reality pitching show. In this book, he straddles the East and the West...
Why Women Don’t Talk Money
  In conversation with women on making money, losing money, and shaping their identity around money Society is uncomfortable with two factors: women in power, and women with money. But, why is that so? Despite the societal advancements the world...
Step by Step The Biography of Pemba Gelje Sherpa
Step by Step is the compelling and insightful biography of Pemba Gelje Sherpa, one of his generation’s most accomplished Nepalese mountaineers. Having climbed twenty-one peaks over 8,000 metres, including eight ascents of Everest, Pemba reveals his remarkable journey from a...
Collide Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity
Creative conflict is the world’s most powerful ideation technique. It’s an essential requirement for breakthrough-thinking and the secret behind every invention and innovation ever made.Are you overwhelmed by problems that need solving? Stuck looking for ideas? Pressured by deadlines and...
Sustainable Sustainability Why ESG is not enough
Eighteenth-century economist Adam Smith propagated profit maximization as the incentive for businesses to create goods and services that society needs. He argued that free-market competition would ensure consumers get the best quality product at the cheapest price.Two hundered years later,...
Leaders Love People
Post-pandemic, the whole world is being reset. With this unifying experience that challenges our identity, rules are broken; beliefs are corrected. Happiness and meaning in work and life are no longer optional. With success being redefined as we speak, what...
The Return on Kindness How Kind Leadership Wins Talent, Earns Loyalty, And Builds Successful Companies
The world needs leaders who have the strength to be kind. The Return on Kindness challenges companies to set a higher bar and reimagine what great leadership looks like. Kindness isn’t what you think it is. Kind leaders, far from...
Wild Wisdom : Life Lessons from Leading Teams to some of the Most Inhospitable Places in the World
Wild Wisdom recounts the story of social entrepreneur and philanthropist Christine Amour-Levar and the all-female expeditions she has led across the globe via her two non-profit organisations, Women on a Mission and HER Planet Earth. Over a decade, she has...
Methods to Greatness: Unlocking and Testing the Secrets of Asia’s Billionaires, Legends, and Icons
A sound mind, body, and soul is a balanced state we all aspire to have.In this book, award-winning serial entrepreneur John Aguilar interviews twentyof Asia’s top entrepreneurs, athletes, and icons in his podcast of the same name to learn valuable...
Tragic Nation: Why Burma’s Democratic Experiment Collapsed
A decade ago, Burma was full of light and hope. Today, it has descended into darkness and despair. The once promising political and opening up of the country has been set back, possibly for a long time. How did this...
Divining Duterte Perspectives, Policies, Performance
First published as opinion pieces, the essays in Divining Duterte provide contemporaneous commentaries on the context, course and consequences of the policies Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pursued after his 2016 election. Duterte became the first president in seventy years to...
Far From My Hospital Bed Reflections on the Pandemic and Society
Far From My Hospital Bed is a collection of non-fiction essays that were assembled over two years, starting from the author’s twenty-five day stay in a Singapore hospital recovering from COVID-19. It is a book that is part story-telling, part...
The Future of Philippine Agriculture under a Changing Climate: Policies, Investments and Scenarios
The Philippine economy has grown rapidly since 2010, but despite this growth, poverty and inequality remain high. Two-thirds of the poor live in rural areas, and the weak performance of the agriculture sector has contributed to the slow improvement in...
The Philippine Economy: No Longer the East Asian Exception?
In this volume, a leading group of scholars pose the question, has the Philippine economy rejoined the dynamic East Asian mainstream and, if so, what set of policies and priorities are required to maintain the strong economic momentum of recent...
Whispers of Hope: A Family Memoir of Myanmar
As a British teenager, I meet a beautiful Burmese girl on the school bus. Her family self-exiled in 1964, soon after the military coup, to start a new life in England. My fascination is fired for this far-off land. How...
Recovery: How We Can Create a Better, Brighter Future After a Crisis
We have recovered from many crises in the past: war, depression, pandemic, natural disaster. Often, we’ve bounced back from these challenges to build an even better future. The Spanish Flu was followed by the economic prosperity of the Roaring Twenties....
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