God's Ashes: Apocrypha, A Novel
A gripping tale of loss, betrayal, and redemption set across the porous maritime borders of Southeast Asia and the remote islands of the Pacific.In God’s Ashes, an archipelago of displaced characters – refugees, dissidents, and indigents – converge in an...
The Singapore Strain
A mysterious new variant of Covid-19, dubbed the Singapore Strainis infecting people around the world. It changes the victims’ DNAand manifests itself by altering perceptions and attitudesto make them environmental activists and turns theminto Dynaborgs. A motley team of investigatorsfrom...
The Termite Queen
Burrowing deep inside the tension-filled relationship between contemporary Vietnam’s hyper-capitalist society and its communist government, Ta Duy Anh’s The Termite Queen tells the Kafkaesque story of a young man who must expose the corruption of a vast network of murky...
Leaders Love People
Post-pandemic, the whole world is being reset. With this unifying experience that challenges our identity, rules are broken; beliefs are corrected. Happiness and meaning in work and life are no longer optional. With success being redefined as we speak, what...
The Return on Kindness How Kind Leadership Wins Talent, Earns Loyalty, And Builds Successful Companies
The world needs leaders who have the strength to be kind. The Return on Kindness challenges companies to set a higher bar and reimagine what great leadership looks like. Kindness isn’t what you think it is. Kind leaders, far from...
A Mother’s Burden
A mentally-disabled boy is found dead in a small town. All signs point to his mother, a poor and ailing widow, as the one who caused his death.But as Liu Yong, the lowly attendant of the magistrate, delves deeper, he...
The Genealogy of Kings (Sulalatus Salatin)
A history of the Malay Peninsula and the islands of the ArchipelagoIn a collector’s edition, The Genealogy of Kings (Malay: Sulalat al-Salatin or Sejarah Melayu), is a literary work that gives a traditional interpretation of the origin, evolution and demise...
Looking After the Ashes Old Wives' Tales, Taboos; Supernatural and Childhood Superstitions
If you eat while lying down, you will turn into a snake. If you don’t polish off all the rice on your plate you will marry a man full of pimples and pockmarks. Looking After the Ashes is a semi-biographical...
₱960.00 ₱860.00
Writer’s Postcards
Part travelogue, part memoir, and part commentary, Writer’s Postcards is a collection of essays that examine imagination and culture through the lens of geography. A flaneuse and person of the world, Dipika Mukherjee takes readers through various encounters from her...
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