The Maps of Camarines
Set in a fictional province in the Philippines, the novel tells the story of the Arguelleses, the Visbales, and the Monsantillos-and their eventual downfall. The three families are members of powerful, wealthy haciendero clans that have long stood uncontested by...
Infinite Lives, Infinite Deaths
Infinite Lives, Infinite Deaths is a collection of stories that straddle genres such as horror, magic realism, metafiction, and science fiction, while stitching together elements from world mythology and folklore, Philippine history and society, and the Chinese-Filipino experience in a...
There are No Falling Stars in China
In this collection of poignant and uplifting essays, seasoned international journalist Marga Ortigas shares what she’s learned from over two decades of covering conflict, humanitarian crises, and political turmoil. Each chapter explores a different assignment location, taking you up-close as...
Pro-poor Development Policies: Lessons from the Philippines and East Asia
“This collection of essays provides a wealth of information and analysis about the Philippine economy and the role of agriculture and economic policy in it. The Philippine experience has been quite different from the highly successful Asian economies, with a...
Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing and Other Stories
Singing Chinese antiquities. Ghosts that only one young man could sense. A house with a sentient A.I. that becomes a part of the family. A cricket that acts as a tragic voice of reason. A man born and bred for...
ASEAN Centrality: An Autoethnographic Account by a Philippine Diplomat
"ASEAN Centrality: An Autoethnographic Account by a Philippine Diplomat guides us to a deeper understanding of the concept of ASEAN Centrality, through the eyes of one of the Philippines’ most reputable diplomats. Outlining both a personal recollection of her extensive...
The End of All Skies
The final days of Sun Girna Ginar have arrived. The old witch in the marketplace knows it, but no one believes her. How could the Sultanate fall when the God-Sultan rules over the earth and Skyworld? How could anyone ever...
Crying Mountain
A moving tale of courage and love, set against the Zamboanga crisis in the Southern Philippines in the 1970s. In Below the Crying Mountain, the Moro Rebellion that broke out in the Sulu archipelago in the 1970s, and that continues...
Room 216
Room 216
Room 216 is about four strong female characters and their complex experiences. It tells the story of university roommates, each with a unique motivation and struggle. After graduation, Sandy, Tintin, Serene, and Issa embark on separate journeys that take each...
For the Win
A heart-wrenchingly honest chronicle of an introverted gamer geek who tries to win his best friend's heart, but is forced to rethink his game plan when a new challenger steps into the ring. Eighteen-year-old Nathaniel Carpio has been having chicken...
Six Saturdays of Beyblade and Other Essays
Quinabuangan and the glorious marching band. Cembo, Makati and the burning Ship. Baclaran, Manila at night, for the lost and homeless. In these ten personal essays, a father confesses in gripping narratives his coming of age without a father, of...
The Preying Birds
Mando Plaridel is the lead character in this novel of social consciousness. His character combines the qualities found in Simoun and Ibarra, the two lead characters in national hero Jose Rizal’s novels: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Ibarra is...
Riverrun, A Novel
₱890.00 ₱850.00
Riverrun, A Novel
Riverrun is a rite-of-passage novel on the life of Danilo Cruz, a young gay man who grows up in a colourful and chaotic military dictatorship in the Philippines. Shaped like a memoir, it glides from childhood to young adulthood in...
₱890.00 ₱850.00
Tony is one of millions of Filipinos scattered across the globe, working to send money back to his family. But unlike other migrants, he’s no pushover at work and doesn’t live in fear of losing his visa. Squatting in the...
Joy: A Novel
Ariston Letrero is a renaissance man: audio producer, insurance salesman, musician, composer, part-time fast food mascot, and a philanderer who quickly and quietly abandons his wife and son, Lucas, at the peak of his mottled career, for a new life...
How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays
How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays is a coming-of-age story of a woman who leaves home to work in Shanghai following the death of her mother. In a collection of ten travel essays, she writes about...
Luha ng Buwaya (Crocodile's Tears)
The novel is set in the town of Sampilong which is under the conjugal dictatorship of Donya Leona and Don Severo Grande. They control the wealth and power in the town and use the institutions of politics, Church and law...
A Surplus of Sadness But Wait There's More...
There’s no shortage of sadness. There’s no blaming those who succumb to omnipresent gloom. It’s today’s pervasive emotional climate. However, there’s also enough laughter to go around. At least laughter that comes with a knowing wink, in camaraderie with the...
The Heart of Summer
A collection of short fiction on love, longing and loss written in the realist and fantastic modesA young boy and his sisters gather beautiful shells on the beach as mementos of a country they will leave behind. A girl who...
The Waters of Manila Bay are Never Silent
When an article about a boy who was killed after being tagged by police as a drug runner lands on his desk, journalist Zechariah ‘Zeke’ Dipasupil feels the story deserves to be on the front page. He empathizes with the...
The House on Calle Sombra
The House on Calle Sombra follows the fates and fortunes of the esteemed Castillo de Montijo family over three generations. Set in the Philippines – a tropical island nation where truth blends with fiction – none of the Castillos is...
The Art and Science of the Pitch
Serial entrepreneur and The Final Pitch creator and host John Aguilar shares valuable lessons, tips and techniques he picked up from years of producing and hosting the reality pitching show. In this book, he straddles the East and the West...
Assembling Alice
Before and after the Battle of Manila, a Japanese spy and an American soldier have one thing in common: they both fall in love with Alice Feria, a pianist who would later become one of the first women journalists in...
God's Ashes: Apocrypha, A Novel
A gripping tale of loss, betrayal, and redemption set across the porous maritime borders of Southeast Asia and the remote islands of the Pacific.In God’s Ashes, an archipelago of displaced characters – refugees, dissidents, and indigents – converge in an...
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