For the Win

Catherine Dellosa
135 mm X 216 mm
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A heart-wrenchingly honest chronicle of an introverted gamer geek who tries to win his best friend's heart, but is forced to rethink his game plan when a new challenger steps into the ring.

Eighteen-year-old Nathaniel Carpio has been having chicken inasal with his best friend Elena Dizon at their favourite sidewalk grillery for four years now, but when Lena whips out a silly "six-peso coin" to comfort him on a bad day, Nat realizes that he's fallen in love with her.

Eager to spend the rest of his life with Lena, lovesick Nat believes they should both apply to the college program held by their favourite real-time strategy game, Mitolohiya. But just when his game plan is coming along nicely, in pops a new challenger - Rafael Antonio, the world-renowned Filipino voice actor for the hero Apolaki in the game. Now, star-struck Lena spends all her time bonding with her online idol, and Nat starts to feel more and more like a boring Non-Playable Character.

With his future hanging in the balance, Nat embarks on an epic quest to compete with the celebrity in a real-world PvP match he’s not ready for. But in the midst of life’s epic wipeouts, is winning over his best friend the right strategy after all before it’s Game Over?


About the Author:

Catherine Dellosa plays video games for a living, reads comics for inspiration, and writes fiction because she’s in love with words. She lives in Manila, Philippines with her husband, whose ideas fuel the fire in her writing. 

Her Young Adult fantasy novel, Of Myths And Men, has been published by Penguin Random House SEA and is her love letter to gamer geeks, mythological creatures, aliens, and epic quests to save the world. The second book in the trilogy, Of Life And Lies, is out now.

When it comes to contemporary YA, For The Win: The Not-So-Epic Quest Of A Non-Playable Character is another tribute to gaming, while her light speculative YA romance The Summer Of Letting Go is coming soon, also published by PRH SEA.

She has also penned The Choices We Made (And Those We Didn't) published by BRUMultiverse, as well as Raya and Grayson’s Guide to Saving the World and The Bookshop Back Home as part of #romanceclass - a community of Filipino authors who are equally in love with words too. 

When she's not lost in the land of make-believe, she works as a games journalist for one of the biggest mobile gaming media outlets in the UK. She one day hopes to soar the skies as a superhero, but for now, she strongly believes in saving lives through her works in fiction. Check out her books at, or follow her on FB/IG/Twitter at @thenoobwife.

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