Full Set of Think Additional Mathematics Secondary A and B Textbooks bundled with A and B Workbooks (Grade 10)

Dr Yeap Ban Har; Dr. Joseph Yeo; Dr Choi Ban Heng Teh Kang Seng; Wong Lai Fong; Sharon Lee; Ong Chan Hong
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Think Mathematics is an MOE-approved textbook specially designed to provide students valuable learning experiences by engaging their minds and hearts as they learn mathematics.

The features of this textbooks series reflect the important shifts towards the development of 21st century competences and a greater appreciation of mathematics, as articulated in the Singapore mathematics curriculum and other international curricula.

Features of the book

Chapter Opener and Introductory Problem to motivate the development of key concepts in the topic. The Chapter Opener gives coherent overview of the big ideas that will frame the study of the topic, while the Introductory Problem positions problem solving at the heart of learning mathematics.

Two key considerations guide the development of every chapter = seeing mathematics as a tool and as a discipline. Opportunities to engage in Investigation, Class Discussion, Think Time, Journal Writing and Performance Tasks are women throughout the textbook to enhance students' learning experiences. Stories, songs, videos and puzzles serve to arouse interest and pique curiosity. Real-life examples, application and Problems in Real-World Contexts (PRWC) serve to influence students to appreciate the beauty and usefulness of mathematics in their surroundings.

Underpinning the writing of this textbook series is the belief that all students can learn and appreciate mathematics. Worked Examples are carefully selected, question the Reflection section prompt students to reflect on their learning and problems are of varying difficulty levels to ensure a high baseline of mastery, and to stretch students with special interest in mathematics. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) helps students to visualize and manipulate mathematics objects with ease, hence promoting interactivity. Coding opportunities are included to cater to students with coding knowledge.


9789813245181 think! Additional Mathematics Textbook A & B - Print & Digital Pack
9789813245129 think! Additional Mathematics Workbook A (10th Ed)
9789813245136 think! Additional Mathematics Workbook B (10th Ed) 


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Full Set of Think Additional Mathematics Secondary A and B Textbooks bundled with A and B Workbooks (Grade 10)
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