Mist-bound How to Glue Back Grandpa

Daryl Kho
127 mm X 197 mm
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Winner of the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2022
Winner of the Best Young Persons Title at the Singapore Book Awards 2022

Finalist for the 2022 Singapore Book Award for "Book of the Year"Voted Top Ten Readers Choice at the 2022 Singapore Book Awards

Can a girl, armed only with stories, make her way through a land of myth, magic and monsters, to save her grandfather’s shattered memories before they’re forever lost?

His only cure? Memory Glue. To brew it, Alexis just needs eight ingredients: stuff like, nose hair from a baku (dream-eater), sweat from a duyung (sea siren) and … OK. Maybe some are tricky to find in local supermarkets.
To obtain them Alexis must journey to a realm where the fabled creatures from Grandpa’s folktales are alive in the flesh (and often flesh-eating).
At least she’ll have fun company: the nasty kenit (forest imp) who’d cast the horrible spell on Grandpa, and her no-nonsense Grandma, who harbours a secret that will change Alexis’ life forever …
Piece of cake, right?
Oh, there’s also a deadline.
Can Grandpa be saved before he’s forever lost to the mists within his mind?
Based on a true story.

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Mist-bound How to Glue Back Grandpa
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