Of Myths and Men

Catherine Dellosa
153 mm X 234 mm
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Eighteen-year-old Ava has saved the world 152 times – ever since she got her hands on her first console. It’s all fun and games, but after a mysterious encounter with not-a-vampire Brad, she discovers that the mythological creatures she’s only ever seen in video games are actually totally real. Brad reveals they’re alien refugees living among humans – bonus points because Ava finds the guy really, really cute.

As she’s suddenly thrust into a quest with a surfer wendigo, a friendly manananggal, a telepathic nine-tailed fox, a Sudoku-loving centaur, and a huggable Bigfoot, Ava embarks on an actual mission to fend off an alien invasion – and she soon realizes that this time, she just might need to save the world for real.

Where’s a save point when you need one?


Included in Esquire Magazine's 36 Favorite Filipino Books of 2022


Author: Catherine Dellosa

Published: Feb. 2022

No. of Pages: 224

Dimension: 234 (H) x 153 (W) mm

Category: Fiction/Young Adult / Science Fiction / Alien Contact

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Of Myths and Men
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